High Quality, Interactive History Courses for Schools and Homeschooled Families

Are you a parent of a  high school student interested in having your child prepare for the Advanced Placement US History Exam, a CLEP exam, or an SAT subject exam in history?  Would you like your child to be part of a quality, highly-interactive history courses that emphasize mastery of content and growth in critical thinking skills and college-preparatory writing skills?  Or are you the administrator of a school looking to partner with an experienced, enthusiastic history teacher to broaden course offerings to your students?

I offer a variety of courses to high school students in various contexts.  Some of my courses will run asynchronously, while others will run synchronously (that is, we will meet as a class at some pre-designated time during the week.  The live meetings are optional for students, since I record everything,  but encouraged).     Students will approach material using a variety of methods.  Discussions with students and teacher and peer review are very important components of the class, whether this is done asynchronously or synchronously.

My AP-level course is a College Board approved course, meaning that you will be able to show on your high school records that you have taken an official Advanced Placement class.  This is becoming more and more important for college applications, and please note that the number of students taking AP courses (especially US History) has been increasing dramatically over the past few years – a pattern that is expected to continue.

For  homeschoolers, this AP course will be run under the auspices of PA Homeschoolers and is open to all American citizens, regardless of where they are located.   You can find out more about them and about other AP courses at this website.        If you have any questions, or would like to apply for the course, click on the Contact tab above.  If you want to learn more about my AP US History Course, please click on the Courses tab.    The syllabus for my AP course has been authorized by the College Board to meet the standards of preparing students for the new exam.  My AP course is not only for homeschoolers, however.  Quest Courses has been accepted as an online provider of Advanced Placement United States History for schools looking to offer an official APUSH course to their students.  I have partnered with private schools to offer an official APUSH class to their students.  If you are an administrator of a private school looking for an excellent APUSH course for your students, please contact me.

My other (non AP)  courses are  comprehensive survey courses designed to fit the needs of different kinds of homeschooling families.    These courses will be run under the auspices of Aim Academy, headed by noted homeschooling expert, Debra Bell.  You can find out more about my   World History/Western Civilization I course and my American History course (non AP) by clicking on the Courses tab above.